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Fowlers Yard

Creative Workspaces

Fowlers Yard from the entrance.

Are open to the public, providing visitors with the opportunity to meet artists and craftspeople and observe different creative processes, such as, goldsmithing, painting, textile arts, embroidery, tapestry, photography, micro brewing and hat making. There is also a Coffee Shop in which to relax and take in the atmosphere single stock trading strategy.

Situated on the banks of the River Wear the workspaces are moments away from the historic and retail heart of Durham City centre.

Fowlers Yard Creative Workspaces have enabled local artists to be visible to local, national and international visitors. Meeting the artists and watching them at work provides an opportunity to learn more about their individual art forms. All of the artists welcome commissions and have work on sale.

Fowlers Yard forms part of the growing cultural quarter within Durham City. Transformed from its original purpose as stables the buildings have been developed into workspaces that bear the individuality of each tenant. For more about the history of fowlers yard visit our history page.

Enjoy your visit!

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To find Fowlers Yard follow this link to a Mutimap map.