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1 - The Croft Workshops

Goldsmith & Jewellery Design Studio


The Croft Workshops specialises in the design and creation of unique and innovative jewellery, dedicated to creating individually suited jewellery, especially for you. Also on offer to you is a wide choice of contemporary jewellery designs.

You may wish to produce your own designs for the goldsmith to work with, or just give him an initial idea and he will take it from there. After conception, your jewellery will be created to your specification in the on-site workshop.

The workshops have recently introduced an initiative enabling those who are interested to take part in working with the raw materials, to create truly personalised jewellery.

The recycling of old jewellery is always encouraged, please ask if you would like your pre-existing stones and precious metals to be used to create your new jewellery.

Tel: 0191 383 0020



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